In this article I will give some guidelines on calligraphic expert in analysis Arabic alphabet from a practical point of viewwith examples for a first touch-up with the various calligraphies in handwriting samples in Arabic alphabet.

Expert analysis of such writings requires extensive knowledge of the character-ristics of Islamic language and culturethat unfortunately in Spain even though they want to give the international imagen that are the panacea, is flatly false.

As we have already explained, writing in the Arabic language does not have thesame purpose as in our culture. The use of writing is not so much to communicate something as it is in the Latin alphabet otherwise how you communicate it, graphic beauty at its finest that is art.STUDY OF MANUSCRIPT CALLIGRAPHY IN THE ARABIC ALPHABET I

In other articles, the main calligraphic styles that arise due to the expansion of the Islam throughout the Muslim empire have been published.

Currently, all these styles have been mixed and you can’t tell how many there are but it is estimated that there are hundreds departing from the 6 types that ranks in S.X Ibn Muqla. STUDY OF MANUSCRIPT CALIGRAPHY IN THE ARABIG ALPHABET II.

In the study I’ve been working for years analyzing the Islamic calligraphy of hundreds of writings by different people mostly arabophobes in order to study sribe’s calligraphic characteristics.


From right to left we find the Kufic calligraphy, the next Nasj and the last Ruq’a.

This writing is a faithful example of the use of calligraphy in Muslim culture in general, the attempt to show beauty in calligraphy prevails over the content that it can transmit. And a phrase written by the same person is written in three different calligraphic stylesto demonstrate his knowledge of the matter and this beauty facilitates communication with God.

That is why there is no computer program that can define this fact with either a binomial, not two, not a million can analyze these aspects.Characters going from top to bottom to re-ascend and down to earth again,it’s something that a computer can’t analyze as it doesn’t understand the concept of ascension to the heaven to return to earth in achieving the strokes that make up it.

The most clarifying image in this regard is;How can a computer find the caliber of God and the width of feelings that hands reflect on a stand?If the computer does its reading and linear identificationand the strokes rise and fall above and below the linear and horizontal writing pattern.

In my study of this subject and with the knowledge I have about calligraphic expertise, I have reached certain premises that concern when it comes to make an expert analysis in writing in the Arabic alphabet:

1.- Depending on the calligraphy analyzed, some parameters or others will be applied when analyzing certain aspects such as: agility and scriptural speed.

Since you cannot summarize the act of writing from right to left, the concept of regression and progression changes and that’s it. Why? They will wonder why the type of calligraphy also determines the writing pattern and the horizontal line goes to the vertical line forming a circle, semicircle, etc. … among other changes.

2.-Also the simplification of the graphic gesture changes and this affects not only the readability but also influences the scriptural box and the internal morphology of the phrase in addition to the inclination etc. …

Calligraphy in the Arabic alphabet and also in Latin evolves and is modified including gestures of other calligraphy due to the liberalization in the teaching of this subject in schools. If we make the comparison with the evolution of Arabic calligraphy it is similar since there are migratory movements and contacts with other cultures.

Nowadays, who would claim that only and exclusively analyzing someone’s calligraphy could know where he is from would be called crazy. Why not do the same when you say Arabic? And with more when calligraphy in this culture has a celestial position.

Now I would like to know what the «computer experts, linguistics experts, etc. … told me, where is the clerk of this writing, only and exclusively for its calligraphy? It is a Nastaliq calligraphy with features and gestures in Ruq’a calligraphy. (Without knowing it I doubt that the computer will guess its origin).

Since 2004, with the Madrid attack until now, a lot of means and money have been invested for this cause and fifteen years later we find surprising findings that suggest the waste of money invested in it.

From my loyal knowledge and understanding it would have been more effective if they had patented the fastest way to learn a language like Arabic or Chinese. LEARN ARAB IN THREE WEEKS! AND IF YOU ARE ALSO INTERESTED, THE CHINESE IS MADE A SALE!

I hope and I wish from the heart that this article be enlightening for some and that it has served others to broaden the knowledge on this matter a little more than everything that is complicated supplements it with its beauty.

“Advise the ignorant and he’ll take you as an enemy” ARABIC PROVERB

“Patience is a tree with bitter roots but very sweet fruits” PERSIAN PROVERB

The wise don’t say what he knows, and the ignorant doesn’t know what he says. CHINESE PROVERB


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